Harnessing The Power Of Metaverse

Integrate the real and the virtual world

A Metaverse represents a combinatorial innovation, as it requires multiple technologies and trends to function. Contributing tech capabilities include augmented reality (AR), flexible work styles, head-mounted displays (HMDs), an AR cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial technologies. EngageAI.Digital strives to bring real-world applications to the virtual world.

Our Approach to create value using Metaverse

Develop a value-focused strategy

Define your goals and the role you want to play that will generate value

Prepare to scale

Define your goals and the role you want to play that will generate value

Five Principles to Successful Metaverse

We believe five design principles should guide initial iterations of the metaverse:

Build a people - first experience, always consider the needs of people and how outcomes can potentially impact them.

Shift from social to societal, moving away from tools that simply allow communication to those emphasizing relationships between people , places , and brands.

Design responsibly, creating stellar experiences for people that ensure they’re not disconnected from reality.

Make accessibility and inclusivity a feature, enabling all people everywhere to participate and fully express themselves.

Reduce the physical and mental friction by adapting decades of 2-D and 3-D user-experience design to ensure we engage with each other in a more human way across worlds.

Spatial computing - These technologies help create immersive reality by introducing virtual 3-D objects to physical spaces.

Augmented reality (AR) - These technologies enable partial immersion by adding information to real-world settings.

Virtual reality (VR) - These technologies immerse users in entirely virtual settings.

Mixed reality (MR) - These technologies enable a level of immersion between AR and VR, adding virtual elements to the real world so that users can interact with both.

On-Body and Off-Body Sensors - Embedded in handheld or wearable devices or mounted around users, these instruments detect objects and bodies for representation in virtual settings.

Haptics - These technologies are feedback devices that convey sensations to users, usually as vibrations.

Location services - This class of technologies allows mobile devices to locate users more precisely in the physical world, so that AR and MR overlays can be shown in the right places.

Projects EngageAI.Digital is working on

Real Estate Metaverse

Indian Cinema Metaverse

Spiritual / Religion Metaverse

Hospitality Metaverse

Example Use Cases

  • Product marketing: Coca-Cola launched digital assets to support several marketing campaigns, such as auctioning NFT collectibles for International Friendship Day.
  • Customer engagement: Gucci launched its Gucci Garden on Roblox, a set of brand-themed rooms that aligned with the launch of a similar physical space.
  • Next-generation commerce: AnamXR uses game-engine technology to create cloud-based, virtual e-commerce platforms for 3-D immersive shopping experiences.
  • Brand loyalty: Adidas’ Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT release provided access to physical streetwear drops, driving loyalty and creating a community around its virtual goods.
  • Customer service: Helpshift is rolling out solutions for customer-support tools in the metaverse, including user feedback, virtual identity verification, and VR support.
  • Education: The University of California at San Diego’s Rady School of Management uses a virtual campus for real-time lectures, breakout spaces, and outdoor areas.
  • Recruiting: The Havas Group launched a village within The Sandbox that hosts recruitment services for improved candidate and onboarding experiences.
  • Digital twins: BMW is experimenting with creating digital twins of entire factories, and designing products using Nvidia’s Omniverse technology.
  • Public services: Seoul’s plan is to become the first city to host a metaverse platform for public services by 2023.
  • Virtual tourism: Ariva Digital’s Wonderland platform is working to allow users to travel to imagined or recreated destinations.

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