Emerging Technologies
based Business Transformation

By leveraging data stored within its clients' systems, EngageAI.Digital helps to deliver value to its clients. The key to our success is through monetizing your data. We have a successful track record of driving millions of dollars through ouir clients data.


Deliver outcomes that make a huge difference to large corporations and governments by developing strategies, framing solutions, and executing them by using emerging technologies.

Our vision is to unleash emerging technology professionals’ potential to accelerate the technological advancements that make human life better by delivering strategy to execution solutions.

Our mission is to help organisations (public and private sector) strategise, execute to deliver emerging technology projects to support and realise complex outcomes quickly.

Flavor of Success Stories:



Advised one of the largest Telcos’ in the southern hemisphere to optimize and save over $5 Billion through designing a strategy based on findings in data that helped the C-suite to quickly implement an emerging technology based solution in record 13 weeks.

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Guided one of the largest global insurance company to identify and stop fraud of over $40M in less than 2 weeks

Advised the board of the same insurance company to drive organic growth of 3%+ in one year, supported by a 5 year



Provided thought leadership and guidance to the board of multiple global retailers to design and execute a loyalty program strategy that could deliver multiple new products and services driving incremental revenue as a parallel business stream.

Artificial intelligence mimics human behavior and intelligence. A successful artificial intelligence project utilises all the components of emerging technologies to produce intelligence that is similar to human intelligence. Orchestration and automation of these building blocks are essential for success. At EngageAI.Digital, we know how to integrate these building blocks and have produced many successful projects that incorporate them.


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