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Objective of Digital Start-up Pitch Night – DSPN

  • DSPN is a hybrid event, it will be hosted locally but broadcasted globally. This will extend further reach of the participants in the events. We expect the event to reach both local and international audience of more than Five Million.
  • Host a series of pitch-night events focussed on digital start-ups in a fun and friendly environment. This will expose early-stage digital start-ups to wider ecosystem [incubators, accelerators, mentors, policy makers, technical experts, angel investors, high net worth individuals, VCs and other fellow start-up founders].
  • This regular event will also promote a local digital start-up culture.
  • DSPN also aims to significantly contribute to India Govt’s 2025 vision of becoming leading digital economy by supporting Digital India and Start-up India initiatives.


Digital Start-up Pitch Night provides a unique platform for start-ups to pitch to High Net worth Individuals and Investors.
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Watched by local investors and broadcast globally on social media, providing global visibility and brand recognition to you and your venture, helping you raise capital.


Judged by super stars from the local investment community and the possibility of getting investments from across the world .


In-person opportunity to network with the big names in the business sector and the investment world.

What will happen at the Digital Start-up Pitch Night? How is it different?

  • Address by chief guest [policy maker / successful entrepreneur]
  • 2 mins pre-recorded video pitches [8-10]. 20 seconds audience voting on key parameters after each pitch
  • Guest speaker – either a success story or an experiential learning on a relevant topic
  • 10 mins live pitch [4-5]. Audience votes 20 seconds. Then judges’ Q&A after each pitch
  • Judge’s decision to invest in the start-up or help them in any way.
  • Prizes by key partner reps
  • Audience engagement – Question. Correct answers win prizes
  • Thank you note
  • Networking with drinks and dinner

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Why another pitch night?

  • Intention of this pitch night is not to just have a one-off event. Rather, it aims to create a fast-growing local digital start-up community that is well connected with the wider start-up ecosystem and has easy access to necessary resources. That’s the reason we have planned to host the event every month and in-person.
  • With a regular cadence, the community will grow bigger and stronger much faster
  • This will contribute significantly to India’s vision of becoming leading digital economy by 2025. As the potential advantages of digitisation to the India economy over the next decade have been estimated at $2 trillion, with the potential to produce up to a half a million new employment by 2025. Many groups of people come up with amazing innovative ideas as technology advances, and will require assistance and advice for raising funds and grooming.
  • We didn’t find any start-up pitch happening at this frequency at this scale without any participation restriction – for example, you got to be a student of a university to participate in the university pitch night. You’ve got to qualify to be an entrepreneur with certain incubators. Most start-ups do not want to go through the pain of lengthy application process and the ideas do not reach its fruition.
  • We also didn’t find any regular pitch night that has the same intention as ours – connect them to wider ecosystem so they get the necessary resources in timely manner, and hence increase the success rate of digital start-ups

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